Classic Series -5 Drawers


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Classic Series -5 Drawers

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Upgrade Your Space with Affordable Classic Series -5 Drawers

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Organize Your Space with Affordable Plastic Drawers from TheSquaresCart

Looking for stylish and practical storage solutions? Look no further! TheSquaresCart offers a wide range of high-quality plastic drawers and cabinets to help you clutter and beautify your living space. Our online store provides a seamless shopping experience, with fast delivery and nationwide shipping, ensuring that you get your products wherever you are in Pakistan.

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Upgrade your living space with our affordable plastic drawers and cabinets. Visit our online store to browse through our extensive collection and take advantage of our ongoing drawer sale in Pakistan. With convenient drawer organizers, modern designs, and cheaper rates, TheSquaresCart is your one-stop solution for all your household storage needs.

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Measurement :

Medium sized Drawer with beautiful prints to liven up your space.

Dimensions: Length 38 cm Width 36 cm Height 73 cm.

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Classic Drawers Series


5 Drawers


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Classic Series -5 Drawers
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